IT FAMILIJA specializes in building advanced data centers with a focus on fast response, efficient orchestration, and comprehensive monitoring. Each data center comprises several essential components:

  • Server Infrastructure: Our data centers utilize high-quality, brand-name servers, both standalone and in chassis configurations. These servers provide the necessary memory and processing power to ensure smooth application execution.
  • Storage Infrastructure: We implement robust storage systems that offer reliable data storage, supported by multiple backups. This guarantees the safety and availability of your critical information.
  • Network Infrastructure: Our network setup ensures seamless connectivity between various components within the data center as well as external connections. We prioritize redundancy and convergence, aligning the network environment closely with the server infrastructure. This approach enables unified configuration, administration, and scalability.
  • Virtual Infrastructure: To facilitate an efficient on-premise system, we create a highly reliable virtual infrastructure with a primary location and a secondary Disaster Recovery (DR) site. This setup allows for seamless replication between the two locations and ensures the quick and precise initiation of specific virtual machines whenever required.
  • Security Infrastructure: We employ Next-Generation Firewall devices to fortify the security of your data. These cutting-edge solutions protect against potential threats and safeguard the integrity of your information.

At IT FAMILIJA, our aim is to deliver state-of-the-art data centers that not only meet your requirements but also enhance the overall performance and security of your IT infrastructure.