Technical Security Systems

We specialize in offering advanced technical security systems that provide a range of features and functionalities for video surveillance, intercom systems, and audio systems. Our solutions are based on network protocols, delivering exceptional video quality and intelligent video analytics software that outperform traditional analog systems.

By utilizing a computer network as the foundation, our solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, modularity, and scalability. Our team of engineers and installers are certified by leading video equipment manufacturer Axis Communications and video management software Milestone Systems, ensuring expert installations and top-notch service.

Our technical protection systems comprise various components:

  • Network Cameras: Our network cameras come with a multitude of features such as high-definition video, wide dynamic range, infrared illumination, and advanced video analytics capabilities including motion detection, audio detection, and tampering alarms. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor mounting, available as fixed or PTZ cameras, thermal imaging cameras, panoramic cameras, modular cameras, and specialized cameras for specific environments.
  • Network Video Recorders: We offer network video recorders with ample storage capacity to match the number of cameras, desired recording quality, and storage duration.
  • Desktop Workstations: These workstations allow easy viewing of live video streams, playback and exporting of recordings, searching specific sequences, and managing alarms.
  • Video Encoders: Should you have an existing analog system, our video encoders seamlessly integrate digital technology to maximize the benefits while preserving your investment.
  • Video Management Software (VMS): Our VMS is designed to perfectly complement our IP video products, providing a comprehensive solution for effective surveillance. Our software solutions are highly adaptable to suit businesses of all sizes, from small retail establishments to large-scale installations like hotels, schools, manufacturing plants, airports, and city surveillance systems.
  • Network Audio Systems: Our high-quality network audio systems improve security through event-triggered announcements or scheduled announcements. They can be used to create pleasant ambience with background music and offer zone-based control for targeted messaging.
  • IP Video Intercoms: Combining video surveillance, two-way audio communication, and remote access control, our IP video intercoms provide a convenient all-in-one solution.
  • Perimeter Security: We emphasize the importance of incorporating perimeter security as part of every company’s overall security strategy. It serves as the first line of defense against unauthorized intrusions and unwanted access.
  • Video Analytics Software: To enhance surveillance capabilities, we provide video analytics software tools that enable various functionalities such as people counting, facial recognition, perimeter protection, license plate recognition, and more.

At IT FAMILIJA, we strive to tailor our solutions to your specific needs and ensure seamless expansion as your business grows. Whether you require security systems for retail establishments, hotels, schools, manufacturing plants, airports, or city surveillance, we have the expertise and software solutions to meet your requirements.